Small scale paper engineering from around the world.

I Say, Take Her Down, Cap’n!

Here’s a fine bit of papertecturing you’re not likely to find anywhere else! Well, you could find her here. She’s the C-Class Spanish submarine from 1928 – but you already … Continue reading

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A Free Chateau in France!

Okay, so, this is not a free chateau in France. Well, it is, but it’s not in France, it’s in your computer. Okay, well, the original is in France, and … Continue reading

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Own a Piece of Paper Suburbia

The Easy Street with Option kit is an HO scale paper house kit designed for model railroaders. With its variety of wall options, you can build an enormous neighborhood of … Continue reading

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We Build Cooder’s Bait Shop

Swing yourself over to Model Train Software and take a look at their free building. It’s a quick and free download of a nifty little HO scale country store/bait shop/warehouse … Continue reading

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Paper Kits Provide a Safe Haven for Kids

by John Reinhart Searching for a safe, fun activity for the kids this summer? Break out the Hot Wheels, some masking tape, and some paper kits. It’s time to make … Continue reading

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Build Yourself a Crazy House

Ray Keim, of Haunted Dimensions, has released his excellent Bates House paper kit. Brave souls that build it will be rewarded with a handsome, albeit creepy, replica of the Bates … Continue reading

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Download a Free Japanese Condo Paper Kit

The latest paper kit for free download from is a beautiful, clean, well executed and simple paper building kit. The clean, simple lines mean the kit will be an … Continue reading

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